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The Best Never Stop Learning

Knowledge empowers us. It’s at the heart of our quality management system along with continuous training. This desire to keep learning, growing, and improving is reflected in our Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

Plan and establish the goals and objectives, systems, processes or improvements necessary to achieve our vision.

Do implement the systems, processes, or improvements in accordance to the plan.

Check the systems, processes, and improvements against goals, objectives, and customer requirements.

Act accordingly from what was learned.

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No Train, No Gain

By using a standard and consistent training process, Energis can ensure the effectiveness of ongoing training efforts. There are five distinct but interrelated elements to our ADDIE training process:

ANALYZE training program requirements from our customers’ needs, industry and market trends, legislative and statutory requirements, and our vast knowledge and experience to make sure our employees gain the appropriate skills and knowledge needed to work safely and meet customer requests.

DESIGN a training program strategy, methodology, and system to ensure there is effective management of training, and that the training provided meets the needs of all stakeholders identified in the Analyze phase.

DEVELOP training program content that addresses training requirements, including curriculum, employee progression qualification books, lesson plans and objectives, handouts, presentations, attendance sheets, evaluation tools, trainer, and other materials.

IMPLEMENT training program by holding training events that develop knowledge and skills or evaluate competencies. A big part of this is also documenting training event attendance and performance, as well as providing employee qualification records as needed.

EVALUATE the training program by assessing feedback from trainees and assess the overall training program itself through periodic audits.